Media’s Fair Trade Triplet Cities

Left to right: Media Councilperson Monica Simpson; Ambassador to Garstang, Stephanie Gaboriault; Media Mayor Bob McMahon; Ambassador Tom Hibberd

Media is a Triplet Town with Garstang, England, the World’s First Fair Trade Town, and with the Fair Trade cocoa cooperative in New Koforidua, Ghana, the first Fair Trade Town in Africa and the thousandth Fair Trade Town in the World!

Garstang provided the spark for Media to become the First Fair Trade Town in the Americas. Bruce Crowther of Garstang, is the Father of Fair Trade Towns, coming up with the entire Fair Trade town idea, and mentoring the likes of Media and others along his eco-blazed trail!

The cocoa grown in New Koforidua is used in the Fair Trade chocolate bars produced by Divine. (Look for Divine in stores near you or purchase online!)

Together, these three towns make up a modern Fair Trade Triangle that replaces the infamous slave trade triangle between England, Ghana, and the US. This partnership demonstrates a more positive interaction between countries that had historically participated in social and economic inequality.

Ambassadors from Media have visited Garstang, and ambassadors from Garstang have visited Media and New Koforidua.

Garstang Roadsign

Bruce Crowther (middle, gray jacket) with the sign declaring Garstang, UK the first Fair Trade Town in the world.


The Co-Operative House in New Koforidua, Ghana, the first Fair Trade town in Africa.