Buy Fair, Buy Local

Buy Fair, Buy Local is an important phrase in the Fair Trade community.

Buy Fair

BYBLMany commodities such as chocolate, sugar and bananas are generally grown and produced in other countries. It is these products that we can (and we think should) try to purchase with Fair Trade certification. You might be surprised by the variety of Fair Trade products now available: from sports balls to home goods to wine, the list is ever expanding! Check all the products available as Fair Trade.

Buy Local

Some products simply aren’t under the juridisdiction of Fair Trade. We believe that making an effort to purchase these products locally — within 250 miles — is a way to strengthen the local economy and encourage fair practices. For example, buying vegetables from a local farm or buying pottery from a local potter gives you the opportunity to visit the producers, talk with them, understand their practices, and reduce the environmental impact of industrial production, packaging and transportation.

Our “Shop in Media” section supports both sides of Buy Fair, Buy Local. Check it out!