Here is a list of Fair Trade food items that you can use in your home or restaurant. I’m sure this is incomplete as there are always new products and others becoming unavailable. You can also check the websites of Fair Trade USA’s, Fair Trade America, and Fair For Life, but I found them all not very helpful. See at the end for more on where to source Fair Trade locally. Please ask your local grocer or wholesale distributor if they offer any of these and urge them to sell more! 



Sugar from Wholesome Sweeteners Brand

  • organic cane in cases of 6 x 1.5 lbs, 6 x 64 oz, 25lb bags, or boxes of 1000 single serve packets
  • raw cane in cases of 6 x 1.5 lbs, 25lb bags, or boxes of 1000 single serve packets
  • dark brown in cases of 6  x 1.5 lb bags
  • powdered in cases of 6 x 1 lb bags

Rapadura sugar from Rapunzel


Honey from Wholesome Sweeteners in cases of 6/16 oz

Blackstrap Molasses from Wholesome Sweeteners  incases of12 /16 oz, 12 /32 oz or 1/5 gallon

Agave Syrup from Wholesome Sweeteners or Madhava in sizes 11.75 oz, 23.5 oz and 44 oz. and also in bulk where you can fill your own container at Mom’s Market



Coffee from numerous national and local suppliers (Paul Newmans may be available at ACME)

Tea (ACME has a Fair Trade brand; Trader Joes; Ten Thousand Villages, Seven Stones & Coffee Beanery)

  • loose, bulk black and green from Frontier Herb, Mountain Rose Herbal
  • bagged black, green and herbal from Equal Exchange, Choice, Twinings, Traditional Medicinals and many others

Iced Tea from Honest Tea and Steaz

Energy Drink from Steaz

Kombucha from Baba’s in Downingtow

Sodas by Maine Root

Coconut Water by Simple Truth and Thirsty Buddha


Stonedance Wines, Ecologica or Six Hats – available at the State Store – also, investigate these brands:  Dangerous Wine Group LLC, Heritage Link Brands, Prestige Wine Group, World Premiere Wines


From Frontier Natural Products Co-op available in small jars and bags:



Vanilla flavor and extracts from 2 oz to 32 oz from Singing Dog (a local company)

Vanilla extract from Frontier Naturals from 2 oz to 1 gallon

Cocoa nibs from the herb suppliers or Navitas Naturals

Baking cocoa and hot cocoa mix from Equal Exchange and Frontier Natural 

Chocolate chips from Sunspire in cases of 9 oz bags and 5 or 25 lb bags; also Equal Exchange and and Jedwards International 

Applewood smoked sea salt from Frontier in 1lb 


Chocolate bars from many companies like Divine, Equal Exchange, Alter Eco

Candy bars (search the internet)

Chocolate covered rice cakes from Lundberg

Chocolate covered roasted chickpeas by Biena

Delish Fish by Wholesome Sweeteners

Peanut and almond butter cups and M&M type candy from Unreal



Tahini from Once Again Nut Butters

Coconut oil from Dr. Bronners in cases of 12/16 oz; also 30 oz; and Nutiva

Olive oil in cases of mostly small bottles from:

  • Olive Branch 
  • Canaan Fair Trade (also offers 5 liter sizes
  • Equal Exchange
  • Import Peace


Some of these are available at Mom’s and Amazon. Some are in 11# bags.

Near East flavored quinoa blends

Alter Eco Americas:

La Yapa:

CAKE MIXES by Simply Organics (which can be purchased at health food stores) and Cisse



Equal Exchange brand available in bulk or packaged”

  • Organic Cashews
  • Organic Almonds (plain and tamari flavored)



Equal Exchange brand available in bulk or packaged at Mom’s

  • Organic Dried Mangoes
  • Organic Dried Apricots
  • Organic Dried Pineapples



Bananas from Martindales in Springfield and Swarthmore Co-op and Mom’s

Pineapples from Whole Foods 

Avocados in Winter, Spring and Fall from above stores

Grape tomatos in Winter from above stores




Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, and Coconut Bliss vegan coconut style



Many of these items can be found locally at Martindale’s in Springfield and Swarthmore Co-op, or ordered from them in cases even if they don’t stock them. Mom’s in Bryn Mawr and Phila, and Whole Foods Markets as well. Sometimes Trader Joes and don’t forget Ten Thousand Villages and Earth and State. Also I can get many of these items through a buying club I coordinate (Frankferd Farms). Look on the internet as well – Amazon has a lot. You can also order wholesale from; United Natural Foods Inc (UNFI) but they have a large minimum, Frontier Naturals (via UPS), or Frankferd Farms who deliver by truck with a $475 minimum or will ship UPS as well. Sysco is offering sugar although you may have to special order it and allow extra time.

*But please ask your suppliers what Fair Trade items they carry. If they know there is a demand, they will search them out making it easier for you to get them. *

Bananas and avocados are in good supply while the other produce is spotty, ask your distributors and check Moms and Whole Foods!

Some of the grains and olive oil I found on Fair Trade USA’s website and I am not familiar with, but if there is a particular item you are looking for I would be happy to help you find them.

We are ideally looking for items certified by FTUSA or IMO (which say Fair For Life on the label) or FLO (Fair Trade America) but also companies who you have researched and believe are upholding most of the tenets of Fair Trade like fair wages, good working conditions, no child labor and environmental stewardship.


Please contact me with any questions.

Ira Josephs    610 245 3745