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Media, Pennsylvania is a vibrant suburb of Philadelphia in Delaware County

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Why Fair Trade?

Fair Trade is a way to make sure that the people who produce our clothing, food, and wares are being fairly paid for their hard work, while allowing consumers to make a conscious choice to Buy Fair, and educating the consuming public about the Fair origins and conditions of their purchases and the inequities of global trade.

Who is affected?

Farmers, producers, and communities in developing countries that grow chocolate, coffee, sugar, bananas (and much more!), and make textiles, clothing, and other goods. Fair Trade also advocates the restoration of the environments and habitats surrounding producing communities as well as sustainable production practices.

What can I do?

Buying Certified Fair Trade and fairly traded products, when you can, makes a difference. Fair trade producers often work in cooperatives, which increases their quality of life in terms of housing, education, democratic exchange, and gender equity.


You can help your town or school become Fair Trade! Contact us for help!

Get Involved

We are here to help and support you on your Fair Trade journey! We are a resource for other towns or schools that wish to become Fair Trade, and we always warmly welcome newcomers to the Media Fair Trade Committee. The stronger and more representative our Committee is, the more our Fair Trade presence in the community will be seen and heard!