Schools in Media

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela

Fair Trade Schools:Year Declared:
Penncrest High School
134 Barren Road, Media, PA, 19063
Pennsylvania State University, Brandywine
25 Yearsley Mill Road, Media, PA 19063
The Walden School
901 N Providence Road, Media, PA 19063
Media Elementary School
120 E Front Street, Media, PA 19063
Media Providence Friends School
125 W 3rd Street, Media, PA 19063
Springton Lake Middle School
1900 N Providence Road, Media, PA 19063

That means there are:

  • 144 U.S. Universities
  • 45 U.S. Schools
  • 2,030 Schools & Universities in the UK

Become Fair Trade

1. Build a Team
  • Recruit a minimum of five committee members that includes at least two non-students
  • Work together to implement change and drive awareness of Fair Trade!
2. Commit to Fair Trade Education and Events
  • A minimum of at least two educational events or other activities related to Fair Trade per year is required
  • Include Fair Trade in lesson plans, assemblies, fairs, and every day life!
3. Source Fair Trade Products
  • Make at least two Fair Trade products permanently available at your school. Fair Trade products could be available in cafeterias, vending machines and even the school store!
  • If permanent sourcing is not possible, products must be offered via occasional outlets at least four times per year. This includes bake sales, fundraisers, etc.)
1. Build a Team
  • Recruit at minimum five committee members, include at least one non-student
  • Students, faculty, and staff should work together to plan Fair Trade events and pass a Fair Trade resolution
2. Reach Out to Campus Outlets
  • Ensure at least two Fair Trade products are readily available in all campus-owned and operated venues
  • Campus food service providers are one of the best ways to increase the availability of Fair Trade products
3. Enroll Offices and Catering
  • Provide at least three examples of campus offices, departments and/or campus-run meetings that use Fair Trade products
4. Commit to Fair Trade Education and Events
  • A minimum of four activities per year which can include incorporating Fair Trade into curriculum, Fair Trade events, guests speakers, and more
5. Pass a Fair Trade Resolution
  • Pass a resolution in support of Fair Trade through the appropriate decision-making bodies on campus
  • Include the necessary commitments the University aims to uphold in promoting Fair Trade initiatives

Find out more information on how to become a Fair Trade School here