Fair Trade Schools in Media

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela

Fair Trade Schools:Year Declared:
Penncrest High School
First Fair Trade Public High School in the US
134 Barren Road, Media, PA, 19063
Pennsylvania State University, Brandywine
25 Yearsley Mill Road, Media, PA 19063
The Walden School
First Preschool Thru 8th Grade School in the US
901 N Providence Road, Media, PA 19063
Media Elementary School
120 E Front Street, Media, PA 19063
Media Providence Friends School
125 W 3rd Street, Media, PA 19063
Springton Lake Middle School
1900 N Providence Road, Media, PA 19063

That means there are:

  • 144 U.S. Universities
  • 45 U.S. Schools
  • 2,030 Schools & Universities in the UK

Become Fair Trade

1. Build a Team
  • Recruit a minimum of five committee members that includes at least two non-students
  • Work together to implement change and drive awareness of Fair Trade!
2. Commit to Fair Trade Education and Events
  • A minimum of at least two educational events or other activities related to Fair Trade per year is required
  • Include Fair Trade in lesson plans, assemblies, fairs, and every day life!
3. Source Fair Trade Products
  • Make at least two Fair Trade products permanently available at your school. Fair Trade products could be available in cafeterias, vending machines and even the school store!
  • If permanent sourcing is not possible, products must be offered via occasional outlets at least four times per year. This includes bake sales, fundraisers, etc.)
1. Build a Team
  • Recruit at minimum five committee members, include at least one non-student
  • Students, faculty, and staff should work together to plan Fair Trade events and pass a Fair Trade resolution
2. Reach Out to Campus Outlets
  • Ensure at least two Fair Trade products are readily available in all campus-owned and operated venues
  • Campus food service providers are one of the best ways to increase the availability of Fair Trade products
3. Enroll Offices and Catering
  • Provide at least three examples of campus offices, departments and/or campus-run meetings that use Fair Trade products
4. Commit to Fair Trade Education and Events
  • A minimum of four activities per year which can include incorporating Fair Trade into curriculum, Fair Trade events, guests speakers, and more
5. Pass a Fair Trade Resolution
  • Pass a resolution in support of Fair Trade through the appropriate decision-making bodies on campus
  • Include the necessary commitments the University aims to uphold in promoting Fair Trade initiatives

Find out more information on how to become a Fair Trade School here