Fair Trade Your Office Project

  1. Gloria Shepard office, Certified Mindfulness Instructor (February 20, 2020): “Today, we had an opportunity to give Gloria Shepard a Fair Trade office makeover! Gloria is a Certified Mindfulness Instructor who focuses on spiritual connection and practical support with her students. Gloria now has a “Fair Trade Office Space” filled with Fair Trade goodies like coffee, tea, sugar, chocolate, and more! Now, Gloria and her students can practice mindfulness while undertsanding the importance of Fair Trade! Thanks, Gloria!”
  2. Dr. Laura Guertin home, Distinguished Professor of Earth Science at Penn State Brandywine (January 21, 2021): “We had the honor to Fair Trade the Holidays of long time Media resident, educator, scientist and Fair Trade advocate Dr. Laura Guertin! She and her husband Dan were showered with Fair Trade gifts by the Committee member Robin Kauffman!”
  3. Penn State Brandywine Chancellor’s office (December 6, 2021): “The Chancellor of Penn State Brandywine, Marylin J. Wells, Ph.D. and her assistant Colleen Houseman got a wonderful visit from the “Fair-y Godmother” and got their offices transformed into Fair Trade land! Media Fair Trade Committee member Elizabeth Killough visited them last week and showered them with baskets of Fair Trade items so they can continue with the amazing work they do around campus, spreading the word of Fair Trade. Infinite gratitude to this trio of committed women.”
  4. Fred Shamlian office (August 29, 2022)
  5. Van Gogh Salon (March 8, 2023): “Recently, during February 2023, we “Fair Traded” a local salon Van Gogh Salon in Media. We provided them with a custom fair trade basket for their business. It included items such as soap, tea and k-cups! Pictured is salon owner Denise Mackrell and fair trade Committee executor director Ira Josephs.”
  6. Media Borough Police (June 26, 2023): “Last week we had a pleasure of working with Media Borough Police to “fair trade” their office! We provided them with a custom fair trade basket for their business. It included items such as soap, tea and chocolate! Pictured is Sergeant Matt Egan.”
  7. Ten Thousand Villages Media (October 17, 2023): “”Fair Trading” with local businesses is such an awesome opportunity! Recently, Ten Thousand Villages Media got a fair trade basket with a variety of fair trade goods inside!”