Win a Fair Trade and local gift basket by supporting Fair Trade producers while holiday shopping around town. Buy Fair Trade and log your purchases here now and through January 6 to get entered in our raffle.

America’s First Fair Trade Town was born in 2006, when Media declared our commitment to a world that’s fair. Today, shopping & dining in Media offer many Fair Trade choices, from chocolate, clothing and home goods to drinks and dishes made with Fair Trade ingredients. Together, our purchases can do a world of good, and unite us in a truly beautiful expression of the giving spirit of Media.

Our aim is to support Media (and nearby) businesses that support Fair Trade and fairly traded products and producer families, here and abroad. Look for our logo and/or our Holiday Campaign posters on windows and doors. Look inside for our purchasing guide. Ask staff what they are selling that is Fair Trade or local, or if they use Fair Trade ingredients. Please also ask at other shops if you are not sure they are participating. Tell your friends. Proudly claim your power to do good. Support the local businesses that make our town so special. And carry this heartfelt mission into the new year. 

To see the impact we can make, we’re counting every Fair Trade purchase in an online survey. You can access it via our Facebook page. Each purchase you record is another chance to win a gift basket contributed by many local businesses. Follow our social posts for special holiday offers and stories. Winners, and purchase totals, will be announced on January 6.  

Happy Holidays to all and cheers to a fair and peaceful 2024!