Seven Stones Gallery, a centerpiece of Media, Pennsylvania, offers an extensive selection of jewelry, pottery, art and much more! Step in and be transported into the world of Native American culture.

With a large selection of handmade native flutes and drums to beautiful apparel and footwear, Seven Stones Gallery is truly inspired by the love and affection for the Native American culture and Fair Trade. Seven Stones mostly sells Fair Trade products including chocolate, clothing, and crafts.

Many of the Gallery’s products are made from Native Americans lives, work and traditions. Each product is authentic and beautifully crafted for you to bring home with you and admire. Many different cultures are represented within the store, so much so as you will want to know the story behind every piece of art, jewelry, or fabric you come across. Native American clothing headlines the store as the whole back is filled with racks and tables of dresses, shirts, pants, boots, accessories and other various clothing items. Beautiful jewelry, rocks, and stones of all shapes, sizes and colors are easily found while the radio is constantly playing calming Native American music.

Seven Stones believes in creating opportunity, peace, and Fair Trade. The store’s extensive collection of both traditional and contemporary products enables the empowerment of workers and gives them a chance to fairly make and sell their product. In return, workers can earn a stable income and better plan for their futures.

Seven Stones Gallery is located at 212 W. State Street, Media, PA 19063. The store is open:

  • Monday-Thursday 11AM-6PM
  • Friday 11AM-9PM
  • Saturday 10AM-8PM
  • Sunday 11AM-4PM

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