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  Our Valentine’s Day webinar with Dr. Bronner’s ALL-ONE Regenerative Projects Manager  Our newly launched Fair Trade Buying Club How fair and local go hand in hand at Willow’s Garden Café on S. Jackson St.
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Celebrating Valentine’s Day with MAGIC!  

“We see this as an opportunity of, not only to address the livelihood of small scale farmers and farm workers all over the world, but to really address climate change in real, pro-active and meaningful ways.”
Ryan Zinn
Regenerative Projects Manager
Dr. Bronner’s ALL-ONE
  Earlier this month we joined efforts with Philadelphia Fair Trade to celebrate Valentine’s Day and honor cocoa growers from around the world. We invited Ryan Zinn, Regenerative Projects Manager at Dr. Bronner’s ALL-ONE, to speak about their new line of vegan, organic, regenerative and fair trade chocolate: the MAGIC BAR! Do you know how many beans are needed to make a pound of chocolate? Or how Fair Trade ensures that farmers are getting paid more money for their crops? Or how small scale, regenerative farmers are helping attenuate the effects of climate change? We learned the answers to all these questions and more!  If you missed our webinar no worries, click here to watch the recording. It’s worth it! 
Thanks to the many friends near and far that attended the zoom (about 50 people), especially to the members of Penncrest Highschool Fair Trade Club and Penn State University Brandywine Fair Trade Campaign. We trust you guys you will carry the torch of Fair Trade into the future!  
Some of the farmers in Ghana, West Africa, who converted from conventional to organic and regenerative farming with Dr. Bronner’s ALL-ONE

We are launching a Fair Trade Buying Club 
Now we hope you got curious about the Magic bars. If so, we can help you with that, and more!
We are starting a buying club for Fair Trade items with Frontier Coop. We will order every other month. You will get a great price and the Committee will make a small profit. Follow this link to see what we are offering this month and for all the information on how to order and pay. We kick off, of course, highlighting the Magic bars for $3 each! Here is the list of unique flavors: Smooth Chocolate Praline, Crunchy Hazelnut Butter, Salted Dark Chocolate, Salted Almond Butter, Salted With Almonds and Roasted Whole Hazelnuts. 
The deadline for placing an order is Feb 23. 
If you have time and desire for more, you can watch Philadelphia Fair Trade volunteer Julie Davis’ unboxing and tasting three of the Magic bars. Warning: You will want to try them yourself ASAP!
Garden Cafe connects local and global with Fair Trade! 
Three Bluebirds Swedish Dishcloths 
  After learning about the importance of Fair Trade projects on improving the livelihoods of farmers and helping reduce global warming, it makes sense to get out and find those local businesses that support this movement while bringing us consumers great quality and delicious products. Willow’s Garden Café on S. Jackson St. in downtown Media is one of our favorite Fair partners! 
Here you can have breakfast and lunch knowing that many of the offered items are sustainably grown or manufactured and fairly traded. Take five minutes this week to stop by and have a cup of La Colombe tea, which sources some of their tea from Rishi Tea & Botanicals. They trade directly with farmers, ensuring fair and sustainable practices. And while you there, you can buy one of the colorful Three Bluebirds Swedish disclothes, another example of a family company that practices social responsibility, fair trade and sustainability.  They have several certifications including Fair Trade International, Responsible Forestry, GOTS organic textiles, and 1% For The Planet. And the dishcloths are compostable! 
Make sure you thank Willow for her great work and commitment to a better Media and a better world! 
Congratulations Willow!
La Colombe Peppermint Cardamom Tea
Join Us – Virtually!
  We will continue to meet virtually, and we would love to have you join us and Fairis Afrog, our mascot (pictured). If you’d like to join us to see what we’re currently working on, please click the button below to send us your contact details, and we’ll send you our virtual meeting information.
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