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January/February 2023 Newsletter
FT Valentine’s Day   FT Event at Media Library   Trip to Ghana   Ice on State
Find Fair Trade wine, jewelry, chocolate and flowers
Fair Trade Your Valentine’s Day Celebration

If you are celebrating Valentine’s Day this year, you have a fantastic opportunity to support workers around the world with better wages and working conditions while helping small producer communities with better health care, education for children and opportunities for women, and, at the same time, helping to mitigate climate change! You can find Fair Trade chocolatewinejewelry and flowers at shops in Media, in the region and online. Please check our local stores first and tell managers at your favorite shops that you want Fair Trade choices. Also keep your eyes open for locally sourced and produced products that will have some similar impacts.

Fair Trade Chocolate Tasting at Media Library!
Come to our Fair Trade chocolate tasting for Valentine’s Day! It is at the Media Library at 1 East Front St. on Saturday, February 11 from 3 to 4pm. There will be a short Power Point presentation, then a sampling of chocolate you can find right here in Media. It is free and everyone is welcome!
Fair Trade Trip to Ghana Summer 2023Frederick Gamor and Joanna Pollard with a pile of cocoa pods
I wonder how many of you know of the Fair Trade Triangle relationship we have with Garstang UK, the first Fair Trade Town in the world, and New Koforidua in Ghana, Africa’s first Fair Trade Town. As a way to support Fair Trade cocoa growers in Ghana, folks in the UK started a nonprofit social enterprise, All’s Fair Tours. This aims to boost the economy through tourism and also directly support Chocolate Has A Name, an effort to teach girls in schools in Ghana to make chocolate from the cocoa grown there. Now folks in Media are promoting this to get participants for them. I know it will be a super inspiring and educational trip! We first reported that the first excursion would be in April 2023 but that has been pushed back to July 31 2023.