Homesewn is a new “mom and pop shop” at 21 E State St in Media that fits in perfectly with our artistic, progressive, and Fair Trade Town, where folks can gather in community and know that many of their purchases will support less fortunate communities around the world. But it is really a “mom and daughter shop,” as it was opened by Joey Silverthorne of Swarthmore, and her mom, Karen, who lives in Media, helps out. Not only do they sell beautiful fabric and wool, and everything you need to create your own clothes and accessories, but they also offer community classes and a free open sew every week on Wednesdays 5:30 to 8 and Fridays 1 to 3:30. You can also shop their online store,

It all started about 8 years ago when Joey was pregnant and found that there weren’t many alternative and cool options for baby stuff. She started selling fabric online as well as crib sheets that she was making. With her background in marketing, she soon realized it would be more cost effective to purchase wholesale quantities, and then when the State St location became available, she made the move to “brick and mortar.” She only learned to knit, after opening the store, from one of her employees, and now, she does lots of sewing and knitting for herself and others.

Homesewn is bright, colorful and very homey – one of their customers described it like being inside a rainbow. Some wool may come from companies that are Fair Trade Federation members and others just follow fair trade principles. Joey hopes that with all the beautiful options they offer, and the expertise available in their classes, that more folks, including boys, will be inspired to learn to sew, sew more, and make things they can use. Millenials are coming in that don’t want to support fast fashion and are excited to use scraps to reduce waste. Artistic types have the chance to make totally unique items. And it is also a very comfortable and accepting space for newbies that just need to get started. Joey feels it is important to keep the knowledge of sewing and knitting alive as older generations, that grew up with it, die out. So please come by and bring a project you need help with, take a class, or just hang out and feel the vibe on one of the free open sew nights.