This past weekend, Media Fair Trade participated in the inaugural Ice On State event! There were many ice sculptures on the sidewalk in front of participating businesses, ice sculpting demos, and live music with a beer tent. The Media Business Authority and Media Arts Council organized this and deemed our committee worthy of an ice sculpture, gratis. Thank you to those two fine orgs! The weather cooperated keeping the ice from melting and there were lots of people out all day Saturday enjoying the day. Ice Sculpture Philly did a fantastic job of carving our logo with a coffee farmer squatting above. The original image had him holding his hands together with coffee beans spilling out. This weekend some folks took the opportunity to drop change in his open hands. How appropriate, do they know that by purchasing Fair Trade certified products like coffee, tea, sugar, chocolate, fruits and veggies, body care products and much more, they are putting more money in struggling farmers’ hands?