The Media Fair Trade Committee has a tradition of giving out awards to those leaders around the country, and throughout history, who have furthered the cause of reducing poverty and increasing opportunities for those in the developing world. This year, we are planning to present our awards either in person or virtually at the October 15, 2020 Media Borough Council Meeting. Stay tuned for more details so you can find out this year’s recipients!

Some past awardees are:

2016 – Hal Taussig, a very interesting and caring local gentleman who first had the idea to make Media a Fair Trade Town.

2015 – Bayard Rustin, a civil rights activist and organizer, who was a key advisor to Martin Luther King Jr.

2014 – Media Elementary and Media Providence Friends, two schools that both became Fair Trade Designated Schools and have embraced teaching Fair Trade principles.

2012 – Rotary International, which has been working for decades to alleviate poverty around the world and include Fair Trade principles in their credo.