Fair Trade Committee Awardees

I saw a note that we gave Laura Nemec one but don’t know when.

2007 (Probably July) General Lafayette, Wales 1st FT country, Brattleboro, Vt, 2nd  FT town in US

7/2009 (Discussed Congressman Engle for trying to outlaw child labor in cocoa industry, Villanova U for Regional, Wolfville, David Funkhauser, Marcio, the 1st FT producer in Brazil)

7/2010 (Considered National to Billy Linstead Goldsmith for FT Towns, Historical to MLK (Cecilia Evans or a son to be there), Regional to NJ due to 3 FT Towns, Local to Tom H)

7/2011 Fifth annual Fair Trade awards given out on Bastille Day at the Plum St. Mall. Winners include: Mike LoBiondo (Penncrest teacher) and Victoria Powell (Penncrest student) for the Local Award, Pat Ackroyd (Rose Tree Soccer Club) for the Fair Play Award, La Colombe Coffee for introducing a Fair Trade Certified coffee for the Regional Award, and Edna Ruth Byler for coming up with the idea of fair trade in the 1950’s for Historical Award (four relatives came from out-of-state to receive the award). (Also considered Laura Reynolds, an academic at the Center for Fair and Alternative Trades, National to Alicia Gravitz for Green America’s work to Hersheys to stop child labor, Phila FT for starting their campaign)

7/2012 Annual Bastille Day Fair Trade award ceremony in Plum Street Mall. Awards: historical to Sojourner Truth, international to Rotary International, national to Fair Trade Resource Network, local to Penn State Brandywine and Penncrest: 7/14/12

7/2013 Annual award ceremony at Bastille Day in Media: 7/13/13

7/2014 Annual Fair Trade awards given out from the stage at Media’s annual Bastille Day festivities. Winners were Media Elementary School and Media Providence Friends School (Local Award), Philadelphia Fair Trade Committee (Regional Award), Kumamoto, Japan (International Award), John Woolman (Historical), and Emily Zacharczyk (Above and Beyond!): 7/14

7/2015 We gave out FT awards at our annual Bastille Day event: Transition Town Media and Media Farmers’ Market for partnering with us to support local and FT initiatives; Bayard Rustin, historical, for his work in the civil rights movement; Mariana Sears, our local FT superstar. 7/11/2015

7/2016 Gave out annual Fair Trade awards including to Media Mayor Bob McMahon, Hal Taussig (father of FT in Media) and Tom Hibberd (local businessman and committee member) at Bastille Day and the Media Borough Council Meeting: 7/2016 (Considered Bittersweet and Darrell Clarke)

10/2017 Presented FT award to Bolivian, Domitila Chungara, at Borough Meeting: 10/2017 (We also talked about giving awards to Ben and Jerry’s and SLMS and Alana from Penncrest)

10/2020 Announced 2020 FT Awards (School, Media Providence Friends; Local, Burlap and Bean; Historic, Free Produce Society of Friends; International, Senda Athletics; Local Individual, Zoia Pavlovskaia Evans): 10/2020 (Considered Kylie Nealis, Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglas, Quakers, Laura Guertin, Equal Exchange)

5/2022 Presented at Borough Council Meeting: School, Vippy Yee Center for Social Engagement at PSB; Local Maker, Saarene Panassian of Nether providence Soaps; Local Business, Willow Culbertson of Garden Cafe; International, Bruce crowther of Garstang UK, world’s first fair trade town; MFTC superstar, Robin Kaufman

3/21/24 (2023 awards). Committee Superstar, Fred Shamlian, for his 2023 Holiday Campaign. Committee Superstar, Gracelynn Templin, for expertly manaqing our social media, Local Business, Homesewn, for their commitment to local and fair trade. House of Worship, Blue Route Vineyard Community Church, for working to become Fair Trade designated. Industry Leader, Dr Bronners, for leading the way in Fair Trade, regenerative agriculture, workers’ rights and more for 75 years.