The purpose of the Media Fair Trade Committee has always been to increase sales of Fair Trade products to help more disadvantaged producers in the Global South. And most of these products, like coffee and tea, can’t be grown in the North. We also encourage buying “locally” and supporting the businesses in and around Media, but you can’t always find what you need here.

One of our members, Ira Josephs, has been managing the Media Natural Foods Buying Club since 2010, when Selene Wholefoods Co-op closed, and he would like to invite you to participate. It is free and there is no obligation as to how often or how much to order. He usually orders monthly and uses two wholesale distributors. The first, Frontier Co-op, offers many Fair Trade certified herbs, spices and teas in small amounts and one-pound bulk bags. They also have Maggies clothing and so much more. The second, Frankferd Farm Foods, offers Fair Trade sugar, honey and agave nectar as well as many unique products like locally grown oats, black beans and sunflower oil. Both distributors are committed to small farmers – a goal shared with Fair Trade. If you want to find out more, please reach out to Ira at 610 245 3745 or

Domestic Fair Trade Maple Syrup from Frontier Co-op