The Walden School, a Montessori-based educational institution, is truly committed not only to academic excellence, but also ensuring students are engaged through hands-on learning and that children are encouraged to gain confidence, competence, resilience, and responsibility. Walden is a non-profit school founded in 1967 and from its start, strives to improve student’s lives both socially and academically.

In an effort to achieve their mission of promoting a high standard of academics, Walden became a Fair Trade School in 2013, making it the third Fair Trade School in Media, Pennsylvania.

Children from preschool through eighth grade receive a quality education that includes the importance of Fair Trade. It informs them of the role they can play as future consumers, producers, and members of society which will help them grow into more responsible human beings.

The Fair Trade products The Walden School supplies includes coffee, sugar, tea, and chocolate, all of which are purchased from Trade Joe’s! The Walden School even teamed up with other local Fair Trade University, Penn State Brandywine, to host a Fair Trade Art Show! Both schools came together to host the “Fair Trade Art Sale for Fresh Artists” back in 2011. With it being a huge success, the Art Sale raised over $375 to support art programs in Chester Schools and engaged the community in learning more about Fair Trade!

The Walden School and Penn State Brandywine Fair Trade Art Show

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