On Monday April 27, 2020, Bruce Crowther, the Father of Fair Trade Towns, organized an online celebration of the 20th anniversary of the World’s First Fair Trade Town (Garstang, UK), and a celebration of all Fair Trade Towns. In addition to 5 folks from Media, PA participating, there was representation from the UK, Poland, Belgium, Japan, India, Scotland, Lebanon, Switzerland, Sweden, Uganda, South Africa, Wales, Germany, Finland and the UAE. Pretty amazing, right! One of the highlights was a 20 question quiz with the winner (who only got 12 right!) getting a package of Garstang made bean-to-bar chocolate. One thing evident was that just like with our Media campaign, everyone was so appreciative of Bruce for his amazing inspiration and help with each of our individual campaigns and in creating this important international social justice movement. Garstang declared itself a Fair Trade Town in 2000 and Media in 2006. Now there are 2002 Fair Trade Towns worldwide!